I’m really struggling…

bingeeatingSo I tried to start this challenge in June 2014 and just failed miserably.

I ended up coming back here (because I even forgot my entire weight loss challenge for a little while), and seeing how far I could have progressed and it just hurts knowing that instead of going forward, I have gone backwards!

In the beginning of June 2014 when I got back from my one year study abroad in USA, I weighed 297lbs (135kg). This trip really made me sad because I had left Australia a year before that weighing 293lbs (133kg), and was so motivated while I was there at college, and had come down to an awesome 251lbs (114kg).

That was all during the first semester of my exchange.

When the second semester began, I started reverting back to some of my old habits from home (here in Australia), and before I knew it I was leaving the US weighing 4lbs more than I came there, at 297lbs (135kg). That’s when I came home to weigh myself.

Since then, June 2014, I have gained a sick amount of weight. I now weigh 335lbs (152kg). I don’t even know how it’s possible to gain so much weight in just four months, but when I think back to all the late night binge eating I have done, and lack of exercise, I’m really not that surprised.

I’ve started to suffer from back pain every day, and I can’t even walk more than 5 minutes before it begins to hurt and I need to sit down. I’m even struggling to put my socks on or tie my shoelaces sometimes because my stomach is just that big…

I weighed myself this morning and I can’t say I have ever been this heavy in my life… I know I’ve tried to do this challenge before but I really need to give it a good go again, so I am.

I’ve printed out some of the pictures of myself when I weighed 251lbs for motivation because even though it’s not my full goal, I looked so much healthier, thinner and happier in those photos than I do in photos now.

I’m going to take some photos of myself later today and upload them, and I’ll be doing a weekly video as well.