Two Ways to Lose Weight and Make Money

For some people, there’s nothing better to motivate you to do things than a little bit of extra cash. And if you’re one of these people, then I have the best news for you. I recently found out that you can actually make money while you lose weight!

I was looking at several weight loss forums and blogs a little while ago the other night and I came across two websites, DietBet and HealthyWage. Both are sites that allow you to put a “bet” on yourself to lose weight, and if you lose the assigned amount within the designated period of time, you get paid money!

So, I signed up to both and put bets on myself!






How this site works is after you sign up, you have the option to join a challenge to lose weight for either one month, or six months. If you choose one month, your goal is to lose 4% of your body weight, and if you choose six months, your goal is to lose 10% of your body weight.

Once you choose which one you want to join, this is how it works. You pay the entrance fee (there are different competitions available ranging from $10 to $100), and everyone that joins the challenge puts their money into an overall “pool”. Once the period of time is over (whether it’s one month of six months), everyone who has lost the challenged weight (4% or 10% of body weight respectively) gets paid a proportion of the pool. Essentially profiting off those who do not complete the challenge successfully.

I chose to join both a one month challenge and a six month challenge, so I now have money on the line and it’s great to help motivate me!






This site is slightly different to DietBet, in that with HealthyWage you aren’t competing against other weight losers, rather the website itself is the entity taking your bet.

So,¬†you type in how much weight you want to lose, how long you want to do it in, and how much money you’re willing to bet that you will make it. The site will then calculate and give you the potential money you will earn if you win the bet.

According to the research I’ve done (because I was wondering how this site makes money), not only are they funded by private organisations that help to promote weight loss, but the majority of people that bet on themselves to lose x amount of weight in x amount of time, don’t actually complete it. This means that you are effectively winning the money off other people failing.

I joined HealthyWage as well, and bet $100 a month on myself for six months to lose 80lbs! So I turned this challenge into a monetary one, betting a total of $600 on myself to lose 80lbs in six months, and if I do it, I earn a total of $2,000 return. (The reason I chose 80lbs and not 100lbs is because the return was the same).


Is this something for me?

I definitely think that if you’re struggling with your weight loss journey and need that extra boost of motivation, money could help! Not only are you risking the money you have bet, but you have the potential to earn more money and spoil yourself with a little extra something at the end of your weight loss journey! ;-)


The First Week

I’ve just completed the first week of my weight loss challenge and I’ve got some good results to show for it!

A 5 pound weight loss!

Things are definitely going good, and I’m feeling overall much better. It’s all the little things like having more energy and feeling less tired/lazy!

Now onto week two!

My Favorite Workout Music

So I thought I’d make a post about my favorite workout music. I’ve been using different mixes since I’ve started hitting the gym, but one of my favorite is this one here.


The Beginning

Here it is, the first day of the challenge! I’m absolutely pumped to embark on something so life changing and The-Beginninghope that this motivation keeps growing stronger!

What did I do today?

Other than working out and starting to make some big adjustments to my diet, I did a lot of planning, and this is what I wanted to write about.

I feel that if I don’t actually have a plan, and don’t set out some basic guidelines (which I can tweak as time goes on), I might end up failing miserably just like every other time I have tried to lose weight.

My Plan

Because what I’m doing is difficult and the end overall “goal” is so far away, I’ve come up with this motto that I hope will get me through.


And the reason I love this is because it doesn’t just apply to people trying to lose weight. Almost any new change that a person is making in their life has this end “result” or end “event” which they can envision as the final goal. However, to get there requires weeks, months and maybe even years of hard work, failing and getting back up again. Since it’s so far away and most of the time the only things we can see in between today and getting to that final goal is a whole bunch of difficult hurdles, we become overwhelmed, and oftentimes just quit (as I have in the past).

This motto however, makes long term goal-getting much easier in my opinion because the length of time we need to stay focused and disciplined is only for TODAY. It’s always easier to remain focused and productive for one day compared to one week or even longer, and working in the present moment, every day is TODAY.

Additionally, when the next day comes, we can use previous days’ productivity to snowball motivation in our favour, and as the days build on top of each other, we are slowly moving conscious disciplined actions into habits.

At the end of the day though, this is all words and it comes down to me using it as a conscious reminder to stay focused and perform.

My Goals

As with any long term goal, mine being losing 100 pounds in 6 months, it’s overwhelming to focus on it, and can start to demotivate (already happened to me).

So I’ve decided to break this large goal into smaller goals that follow my motto.

Monthly weight loss goal – 17lbs (8kg)

Weekly weight loss goal – 4-5lbs (2kg)

If I can maintain those goals on average, I will reach my 100 pound weight loss goal in six months.

My Everyday

Here are some dot points that I have challenged myself to tick every day. These are things that I have researched and found to be the most crucial to reasons I’ve gained weight.

- Sleep before 12am, wake up before 8am, sleeping a minimum of 8 hours each night.

- Have a gap of at least 3-4 hours between my last meal and sleep, allowing digestion for a better sleep.

- Consuming no carbs other than vegetables after 3pm.

- Some form of vegetable or salad in every meal (fruit with breakfast).

- At least one workout of one hour each day.

- Ten minutes a day of relaxation and envisioning me achieving my final goal – to help keep me on track and motivated the entire way.

I’ll be adding more to this soon! And will be writing up some more posts in the new few days.